Joint Workshop on Biofuels & Sustainability


The substitution of fossil fuels requires a thorough analysis of the social, environmental and economic impacts of technologies and practices regarding the sustainable expansion of biofuels production in the world.

The FAPESP Programs BIOEN, BIOTA and PFPMCG are organizing a Joint Workshop on Biofuels & Sustainability in cooperation with SCOPE to produce a set of recommendations from academia, industry, governmental and non-governmental institutions for the sustainabl expansion of biofuels.

This workshop will be opening a rapid assessment process for global biofuels sustainability and its implications on policy in the context of local and a global green economy.

Workshop Program

8:30  Reception and Welcome Coffee

9:00   Opening Ceremony

9:30   FAPESP environmental programs, BIOEN, BIOTA and Climate Change

Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz (FAPESP, Brazil)

9:55   What are the real perspectives of renewable energies?

José Goldemberg (University of São Paulo, Brazil)

10:20  Global sustainable bioenergy: making it work

Lee Lynd (Dartmouth University, USA)

10:45  Why is developing an integrated, whole systems, perspective on land use critical to resolving conflicts between the three global securities: energy, climate and food?

Jeremy Woods (Imperial College, UK)

11:10   Biofuels technology development – Lessons learned

Helena Chum (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA)

11:35   Development of lignocellulosic biofuels

Chris Somerville (Berkeley University, USA)

12:00  The potential of biofuels, the need for a biorefinery approach and a review of technologies and co-products

Jack N. Saddler (University of British Columbia, Canada)

12:25  Lunch

14:00   Global energy and CO2 reduction requirements to 2050 and the role of biofuels

Lew Fulton (UC-Davis, USA)

14:25  Biofuels –  South African policy, practice and perspectives

Brian Huntley (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa)

14:50  Birdsview of state-of-the-art scientific understanding on sustainable biomass sourcing

Andre P. C. Faaij (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

15:15  Break

15:35   Use of biomass and biofuels in Scandinavian energy systems

Jon Samseth (HIOA / SINTEF, Norway)

16:00   Implementing sustainable biofuels in a global context

Patricia Osseweijer (Delft University, The Netherlands)

16:25  Why biomass-based cogeneration is potentially the ideal starting point for a sustainable african biofuel industry – case examples from eastern and southern Africa

Stephen Karekezi (African Energy Policy Research Network, Kenia)

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Registration at no charges:

Venue: FAPESP – Rua Pio XI, 1500 – Alto da Lapa

Information: FAPESP – Gerência Adjunta de Eventos

Tel.: (11) 3838-4216/4362/4394

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